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Cytisus battandieri - Pineapple Broom
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Cytisus battandieri (Argyrocytisus) the Pineapple Broom originates from the Atlas mountains and is a rare but desirable small tree. The foliage is velvety in texture with a colour somewhere between grey and green; it is an attractive foliage tree which is only improved upon by the wonderful lemon yellow flowers produced in summer which have an amazingly rich pineapple scent. Regular pruning after flowering results in a lovely bushy tree. RHS Award of Garden Merit.
    Position? full sun, sheltered; does well against sunny walls
    Soil? all soils, but avoid waterlogged areas; very dry soils will need extra watering
    Eventual size? up to 6 metres, but can be pruned
    Habit? fast growing, semi-evergreen small tree with an open habit
Currently available at the nursery:
Cytisus battandieri £39.50  

Cytisus battandieri

12L Pot, 190 to 200cm

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