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Find a Plant

Find a Plant

A wide range of plants and growing advice

At Big Plant Nursery we are passionate about our plants and promoting them to a wider audience. Years ago the founder and owner, Bruce Jordan, would pack up his old landrover, hitch up the caravan and head off to farmers markets and flower shows across the country.

Now we have the wonderful web and this website. Here you will easily find a whole range of the plants we love, from choice trees, shrubs, bamboos, hardy palms, superb olive trees through to ferns, herbaceous plants and other rarities. Whether you're looking for a particular plant, have a grand scheme, or quickly need to make a screen or boundary we will help. Together with comprehensive planting and care guides through to associated sundries.

We welcome your comments as we strive to add and improve this site as a real resource for gardeners of all types.

Olive Trees.. still the biggest range in the U.K.

As many of you know Olive trees are becoming regular sights in both private and commercial gardens.

We have always strived to research and provide the best possible range and quality of plants suitable for growing here in the U.K.

Right now at the nursery, we probably have the best selection this side of Tuscany from young trees right up to ancient gnarled specimens

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If you have time please look at our links page, amongst the horticultural information there are 2 things that we feel passionate about. The state of our seas and the fish and birds that depend on them, please sign up for Hugh's Fish Fight Campaign and if you can help support the RSPB's fight to save the Albatross.