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At Big Plant Nursery, we stock a large range of hardy palm trees, most of which are suitable for outdoor cultivation in the UK. By far the hardiest of these palm trees is the Chusan Palm, Trachycarpus fortunei, which originates from China, and can tolerate temperatures down to -12°C or even less. If you are looking for a palm to grow in a pot then consider Chamaerops humilis, the Mediterranean Fan Palm, which makes a lovely bushy palm and is relatively slow growing, it is also one of the best palms for coastal environments.

Cordyline australis, the Cabbage Palm or Torbay Palm (but not actually a palm) should always be considered for coastal and windswept areas due to its remarkable ability to survive well in both environments. The Blue Needle Palm, Trithrinax campestris makes a majestic specimen palm suitable for most sunny situations with incredibly stiff, blue foliage. The Jelly Palm, Butia capitata is an often under-used palm but is proving to be hardy in the milder regions of the UK, but may need to be wrapped for the winter months in colder areas. For more information on wrapping up your palm tree for extra winter protection, we have a photographic guide of how to wrap up your palm tree for the winter.

An excellent, fast growing and value-for-money palm is the Canary Island Date Palm, Phoenix canariensis; it works really really as an impressive palm in a pot or as a feature palm in the lawn. It is not fully hardy and will also need some winter protection in the colder parts of the UK. These are some of our favourite palms, but we do stock a few others in smaller numbers at the nursery, so if these is a particular palm you are trying to get hold of, please just email us and we will try our best to help.

Please click on the images below for further information and current stock levels.

Brahea armata - Mexican Blue Palm
Butia capitata - Jelly Palm
Chamaerops humilis - Mediterranean Fan Palm
Chamaerops humlis cerifera, Blue Mediterranean fan Palm
  Brahea armata Butia capitata Chamaerops humilis Chamaerops humilis cerifera
  Characteristic bright blue leaves arching grey foliage bushy and multi-stemmed bushy and multi-stemmed
  beautiful specimen palm hardy in most of UK salt and wind tolerant super blue Chamaerops
Chamaerops humilis - Mediterranean Fan Palm
Cordyline australis - Torbay palm
Cycas revoluta
Dracaena draco, Dragon tree
  Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano' Cordyline australis
  shorter in stature salt and wind tolerant Characteristic whorled feathery leaves Characteristic slow growing palm
  smaller stiffer leaves fast growing Characteristic rugged trunk Characteristic wide trunk
Jubaea chilensis
Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island Date Palm
Phoenix theophrasti
Rhapidophyllum hystrix
  Characteristic slow growing palm Characteristic fast growing palm Characteristic hardy in mild gardens Characteristic very hardy, attractive palm
  Characteristic wide trunk Characteristic hardy in sheltered gardens Characteristic dwarf palm with big leaves Characteristic green fan-shaped leaves
Sabal minor - Dwarf Palmetto
Trachycarpus fortunei - Chusan Palm
Trithrinax acanthocoma
Trithrinax campestris
  Characteristic hardy in mild gardens Characteristic hardy, much-loved palm tree Characteristic unusual, slow-growing palm Characteristic unusual, slow-growing palm
  Characteristic dwarf palm with big leaves Characteristic grows in sun or shade Characteristic drought and cold tolerant Characteristic stiff, spiny blue foliage
Washingtonia robusta - Cotton Palm
  Characteristic fast growing palm            
  Characteristic hardy in sheltered gardens            

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