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Fargesia Bamboo (October 2017)

With autumn here it's a great time to plant and discover the exciting possibilities available to gardeners and gardens with Fargesia bamboo. I particularly like Fargesia 'Juizhaigou 1' often known as 'Red Panda' with it's dainty leaves and multicoloured stems.

The new generation hybrids, Fargesia 'Obelisk', 'Viking' and 'Winters Joy' are also very exciting with superb leaf quality good culm colour and strong growth. 'Obelisk' makes a tall upright tightly clump forming specimen with 'Winters Joy' and 'Viking' being smaller and very bushy. I've seen 'Viking' grown as an amazing lush green hedge at around 2.5m high, it was a spectacular site!

This morning I had a look around our Bamboo and Fargesia area at the nursery and made a quick video of our stock and how it looks right now.