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Agave ferox

Green Goblet

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Agave ferox (AGAVACEAE) - Agave salmiana var. ferox

A real mean plant. This is just as hardy as A. americana but looks a whole lot nastier with wide leaf blades and particularly evil spines. This is best planted in full sun in good free-draining soil and left to its own devices - weed around it only if you dare!

Plant with a dense rosette of fleshy, curving leaves, edged with large spines. Produces a very long flowerspike with a brigh yellow flower.

Will need protection from severe frosts.

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: well drained soil
  • Eventual Size: 2m high x 1.5m-2m wide
  • Habit: dense rosette of fleshy, curving leaves
  • Common Names: Green Goblet
Plant Care

Agave ferox is the perfect choice for adding an architectural and exotic feel to the garden.  Care of the agave is easy but success is dependant on keeping to a few simple rules.  Your agave must be kept dry, this is particularly important during winter when it is damp rather than the cold that can kill this tough little plant. To achieve this the plant can either be planted in a pot using a mix of 50% each of soil based compost and grit, then placed in full sun which gives the option of moving to a greenhouse or light shed for the winter or alternatively if you are lucky enough to have a coastal mild garden, plant in a well drained spot such as a bank or slope, adding plenty of grit when planting.  For added effect a top dressing of grit underneath the agave helps protect the lower leaves and adds to the striking appearance of the plant.

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