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Azalea japonica 'Amoena'

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Azalea japonica 'Amoena'

Small to mid-sized hardy evergreen variety of Japanese azalea. Produces masses of vibrant deep fuchsia pink flowers between May and June that completely cover the plant when in full bloom. small, ovate mid to dark green leaves will remain on the shrub throughout winter if placed in semi-shade and shade. New foliage will emerge after flowering. Grows to approx 75cm high in 10 years. Does best in acid soil (ericaceous compost) in partial shade. Will happily grow in a container.

Eventual Size of Azalea japonica 'Amoena' Eventual Size of Azalea japonica 'Amoena'
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Plant in full sun / part shade in acidic soil or use ericaceous compost, in pots or containers, keep soil damp but not water logged. Top mulch in spring

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