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Brahea edulis

Guadaloupe Palm

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Brahea edulis  is a superb fresh looking, fast growing fan palm with large, shiny fan shaped leaves, which grows in high altitudes on the Guadalupe Island, Mexico, becoming rare partly due to young plants being a chosen food of goats! Can be grown in milder gardens, such as coastal where it is salt tolerant and has warmer winter temperatures or can be grown in a conservatory or bright indoor position.   Can tolerate light frosts, so worth a try in a sheltered garden.   Position: Full sun and sheltered from cold winds . Soil: All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas.  Drought tolerant once established EventualHeight UK: 2m - 3m   Habit: Single trunk topped with mid-green, fan-like leaves. Foliage: Evergreen Origin: Guadaloupe Island (off western coast of Mexico)
  • Common Names: Guadaloupe Palm
Eventual Size of Brahea edulis Eventual Size of Brahea edulis
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

pBrahea palms resent root disturbance so take care when removing from its pot at planting time. Otherwise it is trouble free,if keeping in a container,  plant into the next size pot when necessary, carefully avoiding root disturbance, using a good quality multi purpose compost.  Water in and give a good water when the compost becomes dry.  Feed fortnightly during spring and summer with liquid seaweed to keep your palm in a good healthy condition.  Kept like this, your palm should be quite happy for 3 years before the need to repot.  Keep the soil dryer in the winter months but not so dry as to cause distress.  If planting in the ground in mild gardens, make sure it is in a well drained position and plant with a good compost, it is best to plant in spring/early summer giving your plant some time to establish before the colder months.

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Arrived quickly well packed . Very pleased