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  • Citrus fortunella (1)
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Citrus fortunella


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Description Plant Care Q & A Description

Citrus Kumquat 'Jordan' is a gorgeous new tasty variety named after our very own Bruce by our growing nursery in Spain! This superb little juicy fruit is delicious eaten whole with the skin for a zesty sweet/sour experience.  Prolific flowers followed by a good crop of bright orange fruit make this an attractive and productive choice of citrus.  Usual exquisite citrus fragrance to the flower, best kept in a conservatory or glass house in the summer or until it flowers in July/August as compared to other citrus, it requires some good heat to get it to flower. 

  • Position: sunny position
  • Eventual Size: small tree
  • Habit: bushy, evergreen
  • Foliage: glossy, mid green ovate leaves
Eventual Size of Citrus fortunella Eventual Size of Citrus fortunella
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Preferably using rainwater, water generously in summer but allow the compost to become quite dry before wattering well again, do not leave your tree standing in water.  Mist regularly to increase humidity and feed fortnightly in the summer with dilute liquid seaweed.  Water much less in winter but do not let the compost dry out completely. 

Protect from frost by putting in a cool consevatory away from radiators or a frost free glass house until the kumquat comes into flower after which they can be gradually introduced to a sunny position outside, being moved back inside before the frosts in October.

When repotting, preferably in the spring, increase the pot size gradually and use a mix of ericaceous compost and 25% John Innes no 3. 


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