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Acer palmatum 'Iranian Redo'

Red Japanese Maple

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New to us, Acer palmatum ‘Iranian Redo’ is as perhaps a mis-spelling in the name suggests, a red foliage Japanese maple producing small to medium sized leaves which are a deep dark maroon-red during spring and summer and in autumn turning a classic fire-engine red.  Acer palmatum ‘Iranian Redo’ looks like being a small to medium sized Japanese maple with an upright vase habit and is a worthy addition to you garden.

As with most Japanese maples, tolerant of full sun to part shade, happy in most fertile soils, we recommend adding ericaceous compost when planting followed by a top-dressing of a good general-purpose fertiliser.  Keep well-watered for the first three months until established.  

Eventual Size of Acer palmatum 'Iranian Redo' Eventual Size of Acer palmatum 'Iranian Redo'
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Japanese Maples are best pruned when fully dormant (November to early February), as maples bleed sap from pruning cuts at other times, weakening the tree. However, pruning is still best kept to a minimum as the most graceful shape comes from a tree that has been allowed to develop fairly naturally. As a result, just remove badly-placed or crossing shoots to encourage a good framework of branches to form. Where you do need to reduce height and width, follow long branches back to a side branch and pruning it out at this point. This is not necessary on prostrate-growing trees because they should be allowed to spread naturally to gain the best effect.

Please refer to our: Japanese Maple Growing Guide

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