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Lorepotalum 'Fire Dance'

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A fabulous evergreen with wonderfully deep-purple foliage. Loropetalum ‘Fire Dance’ is a stunning relative of the witch hazel family which should come as no surprise when you see the beautiful, vibrant and deep-pink flowers arrive during late winter to mid spring; they are of the same delicate and spidery appearance.  The flowers also happen to have a delicate sweet fragrance.

Originating from Japan and Burma, this Loropetalum will enjoy a sheltered potion in sun-partial shade, where it will form a bushy mound of foliage.  Although the delicate oval leaves are predominantly purple, they will take on hints of green during the summer. 

Lorepotalum ‘Fire Dance’ is a medium sized shrub which ultimately you could expect to reach a height and width of around 1m.  We recommend planting in a moist but well-drained soil and adding some ericaceous compost when planting.  Will require protection from the worst of the winter weather so a sheltered spot is essential.  Requires very little maintenance but may benefit from a very light trim after flowering to maintain a bushy habit.


Eventual Size of Lorepotalum 'Fire Dance' Eventual Size of Lorepotalum 'Fire Dance'
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