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  • Ginkgo biloba 'Troll' (5)
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Ginkgo biloba 'Troll'

Maindenhair Tree

from £24.50

5 / 5 based on 1 customer review
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Ginkgo biloba 'Troll' is a lovely male form of the Ginkgo biloba with compact, bushy growth. Ideal as a container plant on the patio where after several years it will form a stunning leafy specimen tree that is not too large. Ideal if you would like a Ginkgo but do not have very much space - and much better behaved than a real life Troll as well!

Our most popular ginkgo, everyone's got room for a Troll!

Hand grafted by us

Ginkgo biloba 'Mariken' is a similar alternative

Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair tree - Care Advice

  • Position: Full sun/part shade
  • Soil: All soils except waterlogged
  • Eventual Size: 1m x 1m
  • Habit: Rounded and compact
  • Foliage: Dark green, rounded, very tight
  • Common Names: Maindenhair Tree 'Troll'
Eventual Size of Ginkgo biloba 'Troll' Eventual Size of Ginkgo biloba 'Troll'
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Ginko biloba care info:

All forms of Ginkgo biloba are extremely hardy and tolerant of a wide range of conditions.  If planting in the ground we recommend using good planting compost with root grow and keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged for the first 6 months.  Thereafter an annual top dressing with a good fertilizer is beneficial but not essential.  Pruning is not necessary except when shaping is required and this should take place in the dormant period.  

If planting in a container, use ericaceous compost mixed with 10% John Innes no. 3 added and feed through the growing period with a good general fertiliser - we use organic seaweed extract.  If possible, try to avoid the pot freezing for prolonged periods in the winter months.  Re-pot every 2-3 years into the next sized container.

Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair tree - Care Advice

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Customer Reviews

on 21 Jul 2017

5 / 5

Thank you so much for my Troll ginkgo, such a cute little tree now sitting pride of place on my patio. Absolutely love it!