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  • Olea europaea 'Cipressino' Italian Olive (1)

Olea europaea 'Cipressino'

Olive Tree

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In recent years, the sight of a beautiful Olive tree has not been confined to the Mediterranean regions... it is now not unusual to see them growing into fabulous specimens in the UK. If you select the right spot and plant thoughtfully, the beautiful grey green foliage and distinctive trunk reminiscent of a Tuscan landscape can evoke the atmosphere of  a peaceful, relaxed area.  Looks fabulous when under-planted with lavender or rosemary. At Big Plant we select only the toughest and most reliable varieties from the best nurseries in the Mediterranean. We have been growing olive trees in milder micro-climates in the UK particularly southern and western regions, coastal and urban locations for the past decade with great success, so why not try one in your garden?

This olive is the variety 'Cipressino' an ornamental Italian form that is often narrow in it's growth habit, tolerant of wind and generally compact habit. It ideal if space is tight as 'Cipressino' can easily be clipped and shaped. Produces small tasty black olives.

  • Position: Best in full sun ideally south or west facing, away from cold, northerly winds.
  • Soil: Deep, fertile, sharply drained soil (or loam-based potting compost for container-grown specimens) not waterlogged. Use 50/50 John Innes no 3 with multi-purpose for a container.
  • Eventual Size: Up to 5 metres, but can be pruned
  • Habit: Bushy, open
  • Foliage: Evergreen

Please see our Olive Tree Care Guide and Olive Cultivars Guide for more information

  • Common Names: Olive Tree and Common Olive
Eventual Size of Olea europaea 'Cipressino' Eventual Size of Olea europaea 'Cipressino'
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Olive trees can be easily pruned to maintain the size and habit required. We recommend that light, formative pruning is undertaken in mid-spring with heavier trimming in early to mid-summer. Never prune during the winter and be cautious in the autumn:

Please see our Olive Tree Care Guide and Olive Cultivars Guide for more information

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