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  • Paeonia suffruticosa Purple (1)
  • Paeonia suffruticosa Pink (2)
  • Paeonia suffruticosa Light Pink (3)
  • Paeonia suffruticosa Lavender (4)
  • Paeonia suffruticosa (5)
  • Paeonia suffruticosa Red (6)
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Paeonia suffruticosa

Tree Peony

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Description Plant Care Q & A Description

Tree peonies are delightful hardy shrubs, not trees at all but beautiful feathery leaved medium to small shrubs that produce the most amazing flowers in late spring. 

All tree peonies are prolific flowerers, creating a much admired display in April/May which is undoubtedly the reason they were so treasured in the gardens of Chinese emperors a thousand years ago.  

The tree peony is long lived and, tolerant of most soils even chalky gardens and undemanding to grow. Can reach up to 2.5 metres high but is usually smaller. Hardy in most gardens but try and avoid planting frost pockets where the late spring flowers could be damaged.  Plant in well prepared ground ideally in soil that is deeply dug and manured.  Full sun/part shade.

We have a selection of very competitively price unamed varieties in 5 different colours available, lavender, purple,red, light pink and dark pink. Simply tell what colour or colours you would like in the comments box at checkout.

Can also be grown in a container.

  • Position: full sun/part shade
  • Soil: fertile, well prepared
  • Eventual Size: 2.5m after 10 years
  • Habit: upright, open branched
  • Foliage: deciduous, divided green leaves
  • Common Names: Tree peony
Eventual Size of Paeonia suffruticosa Eventual Size of Paeonia suffruticosa
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Choose a position where you can enjoy the amazing flowers ideally away from strong winds in a fertile soil adding good planting compost  to your soil. Avoid frost pockets to protect flowers from late frosts 

Can be grown in a container we recommend using a good quality multipurpose with roughly 20% John Inness no 3 added.

Little pruning needed, just the occasional removal of straggly or crossing stems. Spent flowers can be dead-headed.


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