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  • Pomegranate punica granatum 'Wonderful' (1)
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Punica granatum 'Wonderful'


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Description Plant Care Q & A Description

The pomegranate plant is an attractive shrub that produces delightful, exotic looking rose shaped scarlet flowers in the spring which go on to develop fruit - 'Wonderful' is a heavy cropping, large and sweet juicy red variety and in the right position and with a good, long summer they can ripen in the UK!   These health packed fruit are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The shrub is hardy to at least minus 10 although it can be knocked back in extreme conditions but this is a tough plant and regenerates well the following year.  Ideally, plant in good loamy soil in full sun in a sheltered spot or against a south facing wall.  Alternatively this plant will be quite happy in a pot and can be moved to a conservatory or glasshouse for the winter.  Self fertile.

  • Common Names: Pomegranate 'Wonderful'
Plant Care

Plant in well drained, fertile soil adding good compost when planting in a sunny spot or against a south facing wall.  If planting in a container use a mix of multipurpose with 20% John Innes no. 3 added.  Mulch in the winter and prune back if needed in the spring being careful not to cut out healthy stems that look dead before coming into leaf!

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