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Dryopteris buschiana (crassirhizoma)

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Dryopteris buschiana correctly known as Dryopteris crassirhizoma is despite its name a superb, large fern originating from Russia.  It develops into a stately miniature tree-fern-like fern with lush shuttlecocks of robust deep-green fronds which emerge in early spring covered in thick brown hairs.  

It is semi-evergreen, some years remaining evergreen throughout.  Ultimately the base develops into a stout, small trunk and the overall plant reaches a meter high and wide. 

Dryopteris buschiana is an easy fern to grow, creating a dramatic specimen plant and it more tolerant of dryer soils than most ferns.  As ever, we recommend adding good compost when planting and keeping well watered until established.  

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