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Viburnum tinus 'Ladybird'

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Viburnum tinus 'Ladybird'

Here we have a lovely 'compact' variety of the old faithful Viburnum tinus.  You can expect the same excellent reliability and performance, with large clusters of beautiful creamy white flowers throughout winter which start as deep pink-red buds and sit above deep glossy green foliage. 

Evergreen and very hardy, along with being tolerant of full sun to partial shade.  Requires little attention other than a light clip after flowering to maintain a dense habit. 

What's the difference between 'Ladybird' and other Viburnum tinus varieties?  Very little other than 'Ladybird' having a more compact habit and reaching up to only 1.2 meters.  But the name's cute.

Eventual Size of Viburnum tinus 'Ladybird' Eventual Size of Viburnum tinus 'Ladybird'
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Hardy and tolerant of most conditions add a good organic compost when planting. Top-dress with fertilizer and water well until established. Can be clipped to maintain size

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