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Wisteria sinensis 'Caroline'

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Description Plant Care Q & A Description

Wisteria sinensis, Chinese Wisteria, is a well-known and much-loved beautiful climber from the far East. The flowers of 'Caroline, are particularly fragrant and the racemes of violet flowers can reach 1 foot long.The spring flowers can be quite breathtaking and these are followed by pale green divided leaves which turn butter yellow in the autumn. Ideal for growing against the side of a house or along a garden fence. Needs pruning twice a year - January /February and July/August, to continue to produce fabulous, large flowers, as well as keeping the size under control when established. 

  • Position: Full sun out of cold, drying winds - especially coastal winds
  • Soil: All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas very dry soils will need extra watering
  • Eventual Size: Up to 8 metres, but can be pruned
  • Habit: Climbing
  • Foliage: Deciduous
  • Common Names: Chinese Wisteria
Plant Care

Wisteria sinensis should be planted in a sheltered position away from cold, drying winds south or west facing.  Plant in fertile, free draining soil with good quality compost added, at the same level as it is growing in the pot.  Your wisteria will need support and can be trained horizontally along wires to the desired shape.  Once they get going, they can be pruned twice a year in January/february and again in July/August to ensure good flower production.  For winter pruning, cut the tendrils from the main stem back to 2-3 buds to tidy before flowering and in the summer cut back to 5 or 6 buds to control the size if desired.

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