Fargesia nitida ‘Great Wall’

Blue Fountain Bamboo

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Eventual Plant Size


Fargesia nitida ‘Great Wall’ is a really good selection from seedlings produced by the flowering of Fargesia nitida, the Fountain bamboo a few years ago. ‘Great Wall’ has been selected for it vigour and robust upright growth, gently arching at the top of each cane. Each cane being an attractive mix of pale persistent culm sheaths and green to greyish blue creating a horizontally striped effect. the lush fresh green foliage is produced in profusion and cascades amongst the canes. In my garden Fargesia nitida ‘Great Wall’ has made an impressive specimen in just 3 years.

Planted amongst other fargesia bamboo in dappled shade the upright then fountainous form complete with the delicate foliage making it easily recogniseable. As with all bamboo once you have chosen a suitable location I recommend good soil preparation, bamboo are shallow rooted and will really enjoy the addition of well rotted farmyard manure mixed with your soil when planting. Water the bamboo thoroughly before and after planting and make sure it doesn’t dry out until established. By that I mean keep it moist but not flooded, bamboo don’t like to be drowned either.

Once established it shouldn’t need additional watering but will benefit from an annual mulch with a good organic compost (I use composted horse manure) and the occasional feed (I use pelleted poultry manure, a generous handful) in spring and summer.

  • Eventual Size:Up to 3-4 metres, but can be pruned.
  • Position:Shade to part shade out of cold, drying winds - especially coastal winds.
  • Foliage:Evergreen.
  • Habit:Dense/Arching/Clump forming/Non-invasive.
  • Soil:All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas very dry soils will need extra watering.


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