Fargesia robusta ‘Wolong’


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This is one of the most upright Fargesias, with lovely dull green straight canes and slightly larger leaves than Fargesia robusta. The emerging culms are a startling green and show up well against the white culm sheaths in the spring.

This bamboo will reach up to 10 feet in height and is a well-behaved, elegant, clump former which will not mind growing in a shady spot.

  • Position:Full sun to part shade out of cold, drying winds - especially coastal winds.
  • Soil:All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas very dry soils will need extra watering.
  • Eventual Size:Up to 4 metres, but can be pruned.
  • Habit:Upright/Clump forming/Non-invasive.
  • Foliage:Evergreen.
  • Common Names:Robusta bamboo.

1 review for Fargesia robusta ‘Wolong’

  1. Anton

    Fantastic bamboo plant, much bigger than was expected with lovely jungly leaves. Arrived the next day! Will definitely be buying from you again

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