Fargesia ‘Taibashan 2’

Taibashan Bamboo


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Fargesia ‘Taibashan 2’ is another recently introduced bamboo from China with really attractive grey-blue-black canes. I spotted this bamboo growing in a collectors garden in Holland a few years ago, I was struck by the deep glossy dark relatively thick canes on a young plant only 150cm high. When I asked him what this gorgeous bamboo was he smiled and said “Fargesia ‘Taibashan 2’ sh.t in winter” O.K not the best way to sell a plant but what he meant was that the leaf quality was poor in a windy dutch winter. Since planting Fargesia ‘Taibashan 2’ in our West Sussex garden I’m happy to say that it’s performed rather well and is fast becoming one of my favourite fargesia.

Fargesia ‘Taibashan 2’ is actually extremely hardy and will tolerate low temperatures with ease, like some other fargesia that grow in extreme environments naturally they have the ability to shed a portion of the foliage in winter as a means of reducing stress thereby conserving energy. When spring arrives these bamboo are quick to respond rapidly producing masses of lush foliage.

Ghostly grey-bluish to black-purple culms for bamboo lovers and collectors a decorative Fargesia for smaller gardens and plantings or as a solitary/container plant. Similar to Fargesia demissa and Fargesia nitida with its upright growth habit and dark culms.

  • Cane colour:Grey-bluish / purple culms.
  • Features:Thick sturdy culms for its size
  • Eventual Height:2m – 3m
  • Known as:Fargesia 'Taibashan 2' / 'Taibashan II'.


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