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The Snow Banana as Ensete glaucum is commonly known is a very fast growing impressive banana found growing naturally throughout parts of Asia in moutainous zones up to 7500 metres high.  The name ‘Snow Banana’ somewhat misguidingly refers to the white powdery bloom alongside the leaf stems and trunk; not as I dreamt when I first discovered this banana to any tolerance of snow!  

In fact Ensete glaucum is not at all happy with cold weather and as such should be treated as a fast growing exotic foliage plant, perfectly happy outdoors during the summer but must be brought under cover during the winter monthsand treated much like you would the Abyssinian Banana, Ensete ventricosum.  A frost free environment either in a cool conservatory or heated glasshouse.  

For me, I like Ensete glaucum for its fast growing huge green leaves with contrasting pale stems and trunk.  It’s not that hard to overwinter tolerating being dug up and potted whilst having its leaves cut back or grow it year round in a pot keeping well fed and watered during the summer.

Rarely offered for sale and super cool if you have the jungle bug. 


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