Aeonium tabuliforme ‘Variegata’

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Aeonium tabuliforme is incredible enough as it is but ‘Variegata’ takes it to another level!

This Aeonium is often refered to as ‘Flat Topped Aeonium’ or ‘Dinner Plate Aeonium’ owing to its large, round and flat apearance.  It’s highly sought after and for good reason.  Aeonium tabuliforme ‘Variegata’ is an extraordinary specimen with flat, soft green leaves arranged in a perfect and beautiful rosette. The leaves have creamy-white margins adding further interest.

Plant in very free draining soil in a container and be sure to not overwater.  As with all succulents overwatering can be detrimental and cause the plant to rot.  May be grown outside during the warmer months to great effect.  A low maintenance must have plant and definitely one for the collector!  

We recommend feeding with Cacti & Succulent Focus during the spring and summer months.


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