Echinocactus grusonii

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Outrageous!  Otherwise known as ‘The Barrel Cactus’ (amongst other things), Echinocactus grusonii is a fabulous native of Mexico where it is in fact endangered and a pretty rare sight.  In natural surroundings it may reach to over a meter in height but there is very little danger of that happening in cultivation here in the UK.

This is an easy cactus to keep in a bright room or conservatory and will tolerate temperatures down to around 5 degrees in a cool greenhouse/conservatory.  It requires very little water or attention and will make a bold statement as part of a collection or alone.  Echinocactus grusonii may also be placed outside during summer months to great effect.

The appearance of Echinocactus is fierce – barrel like – or perhaps more like a pin cushion.  Armed with bright cream-yellow and thick, sharp spines, you will need to wear thick gloves to report of handle these cacti but the need to do this will be minimal.

Bring a bit of the desert into your life.  In fact – bring a bit of craziness into your life.  Cacti and succulents are an easy way to introduce plants into your home or office – all they need is a bright position and very very occasional watering meaning they are hardly any effort at all.


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