Opuntia robusta

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Eventual Plant Size


Opuntia robusta is an outrageous, large and vigourous ‘Prickly Pear/ which produces huge, round pads – often the size of dinner plates.  This Opuntia is not stictly hardy, although it has been known to overwinter in milder areas during mild winters – prolonged wet and cold will see it turned to mush so it is an ideal candidate for container growing where it can then be moved inside or into a frost free position during winter.  Place in a hit and sunny position for best results and you will enjoy brights, sulphur-yellow flowers during the summer.  Water occasionally – this is a plant which thrives in arid conditions so it will not tolerate being waterlogged.  Watch out for the spines and glochids which are a little prickly – but don’t let them put you off.  This is an impressive specimen and absolutely worthy of a space in your garden, conservatory or greenhouse.  It requires very little attention.


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