Sulcorebutia rauschii ‘Intense’

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Sulcorebutia rauschii ‘Intense’ is a seriously cool cactus forming a wonderful cluster of colourful blobs!

A highly sought after and unusual cacti variety and slow growing too.  The tight cluster of heads is colourful in itself with striking purple and green.  The texture is almost like a closed minature fur cone and for a cacti it’s not so spiney – instead it has tiny ridges of black spines arranged in a sort of tight sihbone shape.

Flowers are continual during the warmest periods and are brightly coloured cerese pink wit yellow-orange centres.  They appear from amongst the heads and contrast fabulously against the purple/green flesh.

As with all cacti – be careful not to overwater.  During the spring/summer months water and feed fortnightly or as required, using Cacti & Succulent Focus.  Allow the plant to dry out between watering.  During the winter period hardly any water is necessary.

Place on a bright sunny windowsill indoors or a hot conservatory.  May also be placed outside during the summer months.  Although said to be hardy down to around -5, this is the UK and it’s the wet weather that will do the most harm so we recommend keeping this amazing cactus indoors to enjoy it at its best.


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