Cryptomeria japonica ‘Hungarian Gold’


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Cryptomeria japonica ‘Hungarian Gold’ a beautiful dwarf arching form of the Japanese cedar with striking golden yellow tips to the new growth which very slowly changes to deep green just as the following new growth appears each spring. With it’s evergreen form and slighly pendulous habit Cryptomeria japonica ‘Hungarian Gold’ is a stunning small tree suitable for planting amongst other shrubs or as a lawn specimen in it’s own right. For me both Cryptomeria ‘Hungarian Gold’ and the very similar, white to pale yellow coloured ‘Cryptomeria ‘Sekkan Suki’ look best planted in dappled shade as the pale new growth always looks better away from intense sun.

The books all say Japanese cedars need the holy grail of soils, acidic fertile moisture retentive but free draining soil, I have found them to be pretty amenable to ranging soil conditions, even happy on our wet clay here. Just prepare the planting site well with good quality compost and apply a generous mulch around the base of the plant once planted.


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