Ruscus hypoglossum

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A wonderfully versatile and whacky Ruscus.  Native to central and south eastern Europe, Ruscus hypoglossum is often seen in flower arrangements but is a seriously useful garden plant that we’re pleased to have available at Big Plant Nursery.

Otherwise known as ‘Spineless Butcher’s Broom’, this fabulous member of the Asparagaceae family is both drought and shade tolerant.

Ruscus hypoglossum has deep green arching stems with ovate ‘leaves’.  When it comes to flowering, this Ruscus puts on quite an extraordinary show.  The leaves are in fact more like flattened stems (phylloclades if you want to be clever) and within the centre of these, during spring, small single yellow-white and purple flowers will form followed by the most vivid bright red, shiny berry.  The flowers are randomly distributed on either the tops or undersides of the ‘leaves’ and tiny – the flowers really are very special – almost like miniature wild orchids.

This is an excellent candidate for understorey planting and will thrive in dappled shade reaching around 100cm in height and forming a dense clump.


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