Senecio ‘Angel Wings’


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Senecio ‘Angel Wings’ is an outgareous foliage plant with large, bold, silvery and tactile leaves. This is a wonderful addition to a sunny border where it will thrive and the vibrant silvery leaves will stand proud. This Senecio is also excellent in coastal gardens where it will tolerate salty winds.  The leaves are soft and downy to touch.

This beautiful Senecio will form a large clump and once established will tolerate drought conditions.  Also suitable for container growing and requires very little attention other than snipping off any tatty leaves.  

We’re not sure what the wings of an angel might look like but I guess fuzzy and silvery is a good place to start!  We love our foliage plants at Big Plant Nursery and this is an excellent candidate to sit amongst other hardy exotics and within all manner of different gardens.  

Take care not to over-water and ensure you plant in free-draining soil.  Seneciop ‘Angel Wings’ will reach up to 25cm height and width.



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