Cryptomeria japonica ‘Cristata’

Crested Japanese Cedar


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Seaweed tree, The Japanese incense cedar is a beautiful tree in its own right, cultivated for centuries throughout Asia and the Middle East for its beautiful habit and sticky resinous sap used as incense. Throughout its time in cultivation many differing forms have occurred and are widely grown today in gardens. ‘Cristata’ or as I like to call it the Seaweed Tree is a particularly unusual form with randomly twisted or fascinated branches and foliage creating quite a surreal appearance amongst the branches. I have one in the garden, now over 10 years old where it has made a small conical tree always a talking point amongst visitors.

It’s proven very adaptable, being hardy and tolerant our heavy clay. I’d recommend avoiding shallow chalk soils as Cryptomeria generally prefer slightly acidic conditions.

  • Common Names:Crested Japanese cedar and Seaweed Tree.


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