Agapanthus ‘Golden Drop’

African Lily


Eventual Plant Size


Agapanthus ‘Golden Drop’ is one of the few very compact varieties. It was introduced at the Chelsea flower show 2012 and is unique for its yellow edged leaves. The plant is hardy and can also be used as a perennial for bed edging.

With its light blue flower heads the plant grows up to a height of 40cm.

  • Flowering period:May, June.
  • Colour (flower):Blue.
  • Colour (leaf):Green, Yellow, Silver.
  • Height: 40cm.
  • Location:Sun.
  • Evergreen:Yes.
  • Hardiness:-5 °C
  • Wind resistant:Yes
  • Uses:Solitary, in group, terrace plant
  • Common Names:Golden Drop Agapanthus, African Lily 'Golden Drop'


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