Brahea edulis



Brahea edulis the Guadalupe palm is a spectacular cousin to the well known ‘Blue Hesper Palm’, Brahea armata, with robust large shiny deep green costapalmate leaves and a thick almost Washingtonia like trunk which is clothed in persistant leaf petioles creating an ornamental effect. Once considered not hardy and best left to mediterranean gardens Brahea edulis is proving pretty tough tolerating cool frosty winters with little protection, as long as conditions are dry and temperatures rise above freezing during the day. So worth a try in warmer urban locations or milder coastal regions just be prepared to give winter protection should the weather become persitantly cold. 

Originating unsurprisingly from Guadalupe island in Mexico they were once critically endangered in the wild, though thankfully now the populations are protected and specimens can be found growing throughout warmer climate zones as can be readily propagated from seed, I haven’t been lucky enough to try myself but the pulp surrounding the seeds is apparently sweet and tasty, can be eaten raw or made in to preserves.



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