Agave gentryi ‘Jaws’

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Agave gentryi ‘Jaws’ is another recent introduction from breeders in the U.S.A originating in the wild from North Eastern Mexico where the parent Agave gentryi grows on mountain slopes often associated with pine trees and the fairly well known Agave montana often experiencing cold wet winters. The selection ‘Jaws’ is a rather serious looking agave with ferocious looking raised toothy reddish spines along each leaf and a strong similarly coloured terminal spine. The overall colour too is impressive a deep almost glossy blue, grey green with each plant reaching a hieght and diameter of maybe 120cm or more Agave gentyri ‘Jaws’ is an imposing plant requiring careful siting in the garden. Like it’s namesake ‘Jaws’ no mercy will be shown if you get to close and woe betide any football that comes into contact! Like me this may be a positive attraction to such a cool looking plant but you have been warned especially as Agave gentryi ‘Jaws’ carries the same attributes as it’s wild cousins meaning it is tolerant of more moisture and cold than many agaves and as such is a candidate for out cultivation here in the U.K.

As with all agave worth growing outside in the U.K unless you have a very mild or dry micro-climate I always recommend building a roof over the top of treasured agave plants in winter. Simply hammer in 4 stakes around the agave a fix a clear plastic ‘roof’ onto the top of each stake above the agave leaving the sides clear allowing wind to pass through the leaves. Alternately we recommend growing in a pot in full sun from April to the end of October depending on the weather and moving it to a greenhouse, conservatory or even shed for the winter where it can have protection from freezing and wet. No watering will be needed from November to March.

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  1. Alan Hunter (verified owner)

    Good sized, healthy plant.

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