Agave patonii ‘Alba Marginata’


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An exciting new addition to our collection.  Agave patonii ‘Alba Marginata’ is a wonderfully compact Agave with the most fabulous olive-green-grey foliage with creamy-white margins and dark burgundy-brown spines.  This is an excellent Agave for growing in a container owing to its compact habit – it will reach up to only 12-15cm ultimately.  During winter months this little beauty is not overly hardy and will require a little protection from the cold however it’s small enough be moved easily in a container to somewhere light and frost free.  Be careful not to overwater – remember Agaves cope in arid conditions in beautiful warm countries where the sun shines and we’re not over-burdoned with thick jumpers, coats and umbrellas.  A must have for lovers of succulents and cacti.  




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