Yucca elephantipes ‘Jewel’

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Well it’s certainly bold! Yucca elephantipes ‘Jewel’ is a wonderfully architectural South American native with fabulously exotic pale-green sword-shaped leaves striped with pale cream.  The leaves are long and although spikey in appearance are flexible and not quite as ‘ouch’ as many other Yuccas.

As you might imagine, being native to South America will mean that Yucca ‘Jewel’ will require a hot, sunny position.  It isn’t completely hardy so will require protection over winter – planting in a container is ideal as it can then be brought into a sheltered location for the colder months.  You can also grow this as a house or conservatory plant to great effect.

South America isn’t known for being a particularly soggy place so…keeping that in mind, water regularly, as required, during the hotter summer months being careful not to allow the plant to become waterlogged.


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