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COVID-19 Information

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Myself and the team here at Big Plant would like to let all of you know that we’re conscious and prepared to do whatever it takes to fight Covid-19.  As growers and passionate outdoor people we recognise the need to be in the garden, terrace and outdoor spaces as much as possible both for fresh air and for our mental health.  In a small way I think we can help by providing our wonderful plants to as many folk as possible.  Whist the nursery is now closed we are continuing to operate our e-commerce and delivery service will also continue as normal with new plants being available daily; we are still growing and producing and our range is amazing.

Thank you for finding us. Created over 20 years ago, Big Plant Nursery is a passionate team of horticulturalists dedicated to promoting, growing, sourcing and supplying hardy exotic, architectural and really exciting plants from the temperate regions around the world.

Awareness of our planet and its environmental concerns are also at the forefront of our minds and as such we strive to promote sustainability as much as possible and really hope you like our approach and occasional eccentricity.

Please visit us if you can, you will always be met with a warm welcome. We strive to be open seven days a week and are always ready to nourish your soul…..and also your stomach, in the wonderful Jungle Tea Room.

Bruce Jordan
Life-long plant collector and creator of Big Plant