Olive Trees

Olea europaea

Olive trees scream of the mediterranean, sunny days and warm climes usually accompanied with a relaxed and refreshed body and soul. Well I can’t promise you warmth and sun but maybe an olive tree in your life will feed your soul enriching your day with its fluttering silver foliage standing proud in the breeze.

Ok that’s enough of that. Olive trees, Olea europaea are indeed pretty hardy but are best planted in a warm sunny location. They are tolerant of wind, shrugging off warm south westerlys but please try and avoid cold north easterly positions. I generally say avoid cold rural spots, olive trees love towns, coastal conditions and hot dry spots – should be obvious really but needs saying. It’s also important to note that all the olives we sell are grafted varieties generally selected for either hardiness or form.

Whilst we can’t guarantee you will be harvesting olives (generally you need more than one to cross pollinate – sorry – not a sales ploy!), we do our best to select tough varieties either Spanish or Italian, whatever – we will help you choose be it Hola or Ciao!