Olea europaea ‘Leccino’


Olea europaea ‘Leccino’ is a carefully selected variety of olive selected by us a good candidate for cultivation here in the U.K as a potential fruiting tree able to produce olives as well and being wonderfully ornamental olive tree. Olea europaea ‘Lecino’ is one of a mix of 5 varieties commonly grown together on the hillsides around northern Italy, particularly Tuscany. I know the summers in Italy are much warmer than ours but our winters are very similar often slightly milder than Tuscan hillsides. Given a warm micro climate and free draining soil ‘Leccino’ is well worth a try especially if planted in company with one or more of our other olive varieties. Olive trees have now been cultivated as beautiful ornamental trees for many years and it is easy to spot them flourishing in our customers gardens from Brighton to central London. Olea europaea ‘Leccino’ is perhaps the most widely grown olive variety being both hardy and a vigorous grower which is easily clipped to shape hence it’s popularity in the ornamental market. Olea europaea ‘Leccino’ is however one of the finest producers of high quality dual purpose black olives making premium olive oil and delicous tasting olives. If you would like to try the olives for yourself you will need a pollinator such as Olea europaea ‘Pendolino or ‘Maurino’ as ‘Leccino’ is not self fertile.’

Eventual Plant Size

Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only, depending on the season or time of year the plant you receive may be different than pictured.