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A wide range of plants and growing advice

We have the most extensive range of beautiful Ginkgo Trees - varieties and sizes, the leaves looking their beautiful butter yellow colour of autumn now. Please look at the online selection, we have many more at the nursery too.

Bamboo continues to be popular both big and small, with it being such a good choice for screens or hedges, a job it does very well. Choose the larger more boisterous bamboo such as Phyllostachys aurea or P. bissettii for a great hedge, and remember they can be clipped just as you would a conifer hedge. Do bear in mind though these bamboo require a root barrier when planting.

Olive Trees.. still the biggest range in the U.K.

As many of you know Olive trees are becoming regular sights in both private and commercial gardens.

We have always strived to research and provide the best possible range and quality of plants suitable for growing here in the U.K.

Right now at the nursery, we probably have the best selection this side of Tuscany from young trees right up to ancient gnarled specimens

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