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Fascicularia bicolor


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Fascicularia bicolour is a pretty crazy evergreen bromieliad which forms a rosette of spiky leaves.  An unusual rarity, this Chilean native provides an extraordinary show of exotic colour during flowering.  As the name suggests, Fascicularia bicolor will initially adopt a bright scarlet colour within the centre of the plant before producing small brilliant-metalic-blue flowers - a double whammy of red and blue exotica.

This plant requires pretty much no attention at all and will thrive in a sunny, well-drained position - it will happily live in a container for many years providing the compost is free draining.  Excellent on the coast and tolerant of drought and wind.  You can expect a spread of at least 40cm x 40cm.  Hardy down to around -10 degrees. 

There are many micro-propagated varieties of Fascicularia bicolor available however ours are propagated by us and originate from a beautiful specimen on the Isles of Scilly.  They are far superior and have broader grey leaves and more intense colour.  

Fascicularia bicolor is a must-have in an exotic garden and for the plant enthusiasts and collectors.  

Plant Care

Plant in free draining soil in full sun.

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Customer Reviews

on 15 Oct 2016

5 / 5

Very impressed, ordered Monday received Tuesday

on 6 Sep 2016

5 / 5

Very fast delivery of items ordered, plants well protected and in healthy condition. Well done!