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  • Hoheria sexstylosa 'Snow White' (1)
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Hoheria sexstylosa 'Snow White'

Lacebark Tree

from £54.50

5 / 5 based on 3 customer reviews
Description Q & A Description

A beautiful evergreen tree with a neat pyramidal form and masses of stunning white cherry-like flowers that appear in June / July.

Once thought to be slightly tender this particular cultivar has been growing for many years in West Sussex and has survived temperatures of below minus 10c whilst remaining evergreen and showing no signs of damage.

We have discovered that it is incredibly versatile and is happy ever growing in its natural form or clipped into whatever shape you have in mind making it suitable as a beautiful evergreen tree or screening/hedging plant.

  • Eventual Size: Up to 5 metres, but can be pruned
  • Position: Full sun
  • Habit: Neat pyramid shaped habit
  • Soil: Any good well-drained garden soil


  • Common Names: Lacebark Tree
Eventual Size of Hoheria sexstylosa 'Snow White' Eventual Size of Hoheria sexstylosa 'Snow White'
Eventual size after 10 years
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Customer Reviews

on 3 Jun 2019

5 / 5

I bought a couple of Hoheria Sexstylosa Snow White almost 2yrs ago as my first ever tree, plant or shrub ever, i have no idea what to do in a garden but after a lot of internet research i decided on this type of tree due to it liking to grow near a wall, being able to grow as tall as a house, having a wide canopy spread to mask off the curtain twitching neighbours, low maintenance, evergreen, dense, hardy etc... The trees have taken extremely well indeed, i planted them when they were about 6ft tall and i have got about 15-20cm growth a year which Iamp39m very happy with indeed. No garden insects have yet tried to attack the tree so all in all excellent and if you need screening all year around then this is excellent. I want to buy more but this place has run out so im now awaiting them to re-stock so i can buy again from here as i trust this company to sell me what they say they will sell me and they help a lot over the telephone and their delivery service was great too. Thanks Big Plant, however you need more in stock so i can buy more.

on 15 Oct 2016

5 / 5

Bought a Hoheria at the nursery recently. Excellent plant at a very good price. Thank you.

on 1 Apr 2016

5 / 5

Received my Hoheria today - thanks for the expedited shipping, cant wait to see it flowering!