Fargesia angustissima

Borinda Bamboo

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Fargesia angustissima also sometimes known by it’s old name Borinda angustissima is a non-invasive clump forming medium to tall growing bamboo with fine and narrow leaves. New canes (or culms as we call them) are sheathed mid-green to a vivid purple and can reach up to 2 cm in diameter often covered with white powder. This bamboo benefits from planting in more sheltered conditions to look it’s best it is happy in shady locations and untimately develops into a stunning specimen. Can also be grown in a container where it will be happy if provided adequate feed and watering. Repotting every couple of years or so.

1 review for Fargesia angustissima

  1. Josephine Stewart

    Thanks to Tim and all the team for processing my order in time to be a birthday present. The plants arrived in super condition, and the birthday girl was absolutely delighted with them!

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