Citrus x citrofortunella sp.lakeland


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Citrus x citrofortunella sp.lakeland is a rare relatively new introduction known as the ‘Limequat’ a rather delicous relative of the kumquat producing tasty juicy small fruits in abundance creating a compact dense small bush. The limequats are very edible and adding a zesty lime like flavour, the skin is slightly sweet too and you fancy a citrus burst the whole fruit can be eaten whole. Like all citrus the limequat requires a certain amount of expertise to grow successfully here in the U.K and I won’t write an essay here but in a nutshell it’s important to remember that they are mediterranean, yes obvious but easy to overlook in your zest, pardon the pun, to care for any citrus plant is that they are easy to look after during the summer, lots of light and occasional feeds. Just remember that winter in the sunny med is cool at night and warm to sometimes chilly during the day perfect for citrus to rest and ripen their fruits. So the biggest killer here is warm often hot conservatories day and night combined with reduced light. Ideally citrus should have a cool but frost free bright spot to spend the frosty months.


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