Bamboo Root Barrier (100cm)

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Bamboo Root Barrier is ideal for keeping your bamboo plant in check without it running all over the garden. The root/rhizome barrier is made of a specialist membrane that is incredibly tough but also very flexible. Sophisticated composite membrane Triple coated twin reinforced thermally bonded layers Extremely tough and durable Puncture resistant, Impermeable (Water Proof) Flexible barrier against root penetration Highly resistant to natural acids, alkalis, bacteria and fungi Controls the spread of invasive plants Effective barrier against invasive roots High puncture resistance (3,700N) Strong, reinforced and flexible sheet 50 year buried life expectancy Protects properties and services We would recommend using this Bamboo Root Barrier when planting any Phyllostachys, Sasa, Pseudosasa or Hibanobambusa bamboo, but it won’t be necessary for any of the clump-forming bamboos such as Fargesia or Chusquea. Bamboo root barrier is a sophisticated composite membrane consisting of triple coating and twin reinforcing layers thermally bonded together to produce an extremely tough, durable and puncture resistant impermeable, flexible barrier against bamboo root penetration. Root barrier offers the strength and durability of a ground engineering fabric with the impenetrability of a geomembrane. The fabric is also highly resistant to natural acids, alkalis, bacteria and fungi. Root barrier is a tough, flexible and puncture resistant barrier which is highly resistant to root penetration and designed to protect structures and services from tree root damage, as well as controlling the spread of invasive plants (Such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Mares Tail and Bamboo).


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