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  • Fargesia jiuzhaigou (1)
  • Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou 1' Red Panda Bamboo (2)
  • Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' Low Hedge (3)
  • Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' Hedge (4)
  • Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou 1' Hedge (5)
  • Fargesia jiuzhaigou Red Fountain Bamboo Hedge (6)
  • Fargesia jiuzhaigou 1, Red Fountain Bamboo (7)
  • Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou 1' (8)
  • Fargesia jiuzhaigou Bamboo Hedge (9)
  • Red Fountain Bamboo (10)

Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou 1'

Red Panda Fountain Bamboo

from £49.50

5 / 5 based on 11 customer reviews
RHS Award of Garden Merit
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Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' often called 'Red Panda' Fargesia was once a very rare bamboo, fortunately this fabulous clumping bamboo is now available all year at Big Plant Nursery. Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou' bamboo was first discovered and collected at Jiuzhaigou Park in northern Sichuan, China by a German pharmacist Stephan Wagner. It is a clump-forming bamboo that grows to a height of around 3 metres. Excellent when planted in semi-shade to full sun, where the mixture of green, purple and red canes or culms are topped with dainty small dark green leaves. Being one of the red bamboos 'Jui' as we like to call it makes a superb specimen plant with it's upright fountainous habit and can, be used by gardeners to create a stand alone specimen or planted as a hedge or screen to create a wonderful oriental or Japanese feel. When planted as a hedge or screen it can easily be pruned with shears or even hedge cutter creating either straight edges or creative curves.

'Jui' also grows well as a pot plant, where it will make an excellent addition to the patio garden.

We have found that when planting 'Red Panda' as with all red bamboo the brightest colour to the culms or stems develop after exposure to direct sunlight so consider this when positioning and allow for adquate watering to aid establishment. Fargesia 'Juizhaigou has excellent hardiness tolerating temperatures into the low minus 20 degrees celsius.

A low maintenance clumping bamboo easy to grow and very hardy, highly recommended.

  • Eventual Size: Up to 3 metres, but can be pruned
  • Position: Sun to semi shade avoid cold, north easterly winds.
  • Foliage: Evergreen
  • Habit: Upright/Clump forming/Non-invasive
  • Soil: All soils, but avoid waterlogged areas very dry soils will need extra watering
  • Botanical name: Fargesia species 'Jiuzhaigou 1' 
  • Common Name:  Jiu, 'Red Dragon', 'Red Panda',  Red Fountain Bamboo, Jiuzhaigou bamboo, Red Bamboo


Eventual Size of Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou 1' Eventual Size of Fargesia 'Jiuzhaigou 1'
Eventual size after 10 years
Plant Care

Bamboo Care

Before planting it is a good idea to soak the bamboo thoroughly to ensure the rots are well and truly saturated then dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball add compost then place the bamboo so that the finished soil height will be slightly lower than the top of the root ball. Backfill using your soil mixed 50:50 with good compost. Once planted gently firm down the soil around the base add a top dressing of a good fertilizer, we prefer poultry manure, then mulch with a good 8-10 deep layer of compost. Finally water again to help settle the bamboo. In dry periods it may be necessary to repeat watering regularly, if the bamboo looks dry and the leaves are curling this is a sure sign. After the first season we repeat the mulching and feeding each spring. 

Now stand back and enjoy. Don’t expect your bamboo to grow away like a rocket, yes bamboo can grow incredibly fast but most of this happens over a 3 month period which is very generally late May through to early August so if you’ve planted either side of this period I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. 

 Pruning and Grooming 

Bamboo can be very accommodating here. I’ve seen pristine clipped hedges and topiary shaped plantings of both Phllostachys aurea and bissetti showing easy how easy it can be managed. What I like to do though on any large bamboo is to remove all old, thin and spindly canes (or culms as us horticulturists call them) then prune away all the side branches off the remaining culms to a height of between 60cm to 150cm depending on your choice. This in my opinion show bamboos off to there best making them stately specimens. 

For more information see our Bamboo Care Guide for these types of Bamboo: 

Also see our Bamboo FAQ


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Customer Reviews

on 20 Nov 2018

5 / 5

Really prompt delivery and packaged expertly plant in perfect condition.

on 9 Jun 2018

5 / 5

First time buyer but definitely not the last, The plant arrived expertly packaged and it was a good job I stood back as it nearly took my eye out (joke) when I unpacked it 90-100?? it was 1.4 high at least well rooted and looking very nice ,it has been in a week now and is doing very well, many thanks big plant nursery .I am more than pleased and will not hesitate to buy again especially when the PURPLE bamboo comes back in stock..

on 11 Oct 2017

5 / 5

Another great purchase from Big Plant Nursery! Fargesia amp39Juizhaigouamp39 is a stunning bamboo which when I saw at the garden centre were really disappointing, however after speaking to a really helpful person at Big Plant I was informed that not all bamboo are the same quality even if they are labelled as such. After receiving my order I can confirm that the beautiful plant iamp39ve just planted is so much healthier and attractive than the plants I saw at the garden centre.

on 31 Aug 2017

5 / 5

I have been looking for this type of bamboo since seeing it on gardeners world which they did not give the proper name just red panda. I went online and came across big plant nurseries and there it was. I have since ordered 2 Fargesia Jiuzhargou 1 and when i unpacked they are amazing. I will definitely order again. And thank you for the lollipop.

on 27 Aug 2017

5 / 5

Just taken delivery of 2 of these bamboos. Very pleased with the quality of them. Well packaged and delivered to the Isle of Wight in excellent condition. Highly recommend this nursery.

on 19 Apr 2017

5 / 5

elegant upright bamboo looks fab in garden

on 18 Apr 2017

5 / 5

Stunning plant much bigger than expected with masses of canes some of which have turned red in the sun, very happy with the Jiuzhaigou, another added to my collection all purchased at Big Plant!

on 4 Jan 2017

5 / 5

plants arrived fit and healthy thank you they are truly beautiful

on 26 Oct 2016

5 / 5

Very fast delivery, impressed with items purchased - would buy from again. S.Potter

on 15 Aug 2016

5 / 5

WOW! Big thanks to Big Plant - What a bamboo!!!

on 11 Aug 2016

5 / 5

Placed my order and received the next day, superb service.