Agave salmiana var. ‘Ferox’

Green Goblet


Agave ‘Ferox’ is a naturally occuring form of Agave salmiana from the dry and arid regions of Mexico. In my experience Agave ‘Ferox’ is one of the most spectacular large Agaves that we cultivate. Contrary to popular belief, ‘Ferox’ is pretty hardy, given a little protection from winter wet. ‘Ferox’ will happily sail through -9° Centigrade.  

For me, I love the huge, broad arching leaves which terminate in vicious blackened-purple spikes. Each leaf is greyish-green, often bearing th epattern of the new leaf which was wrapped around it as the central spike expanded. Add this to the bold architectural exploding star shape and Agave ‘Ferox’ becomes a serios plant respected and admired by all who see it. The biggest and most impressive specimens I’ve seen have been growing randomly in front gardens and rough ground on the Isles of Scily where the mild winters and sandy soil encourage stronf growth – resulting in stately specimens, some of which I’ve had to look up to two metres tall and wide.

For us on the mainland I’d recommend chosing a planting location carefully, obviously allowing adequate space, free draining soil, sun and protection from winter wet is essential. Agave ‘Ferox’ can be happily grown in a container for many years if you prefer but obviously will never reach the leuiathan heights of planted specimens. One outstanding feature like many Agave is its ability to shrug off strong winds and even extreme coastal gales – the marvellous broad, spiny edged leaves unaffected by mother nature having a bad mood.

  • Position:Full sun.
  • Soil:Well drained soil.
  • Eventual Size:2m high x 1. 5m-2m wide.
  • Habit:Dense rosette of fleshy, curving leaves.

Eventual Plant Size

Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only, depending on the season or time of year the plant you receive may be different than pictured.