Agave xylonacantha var hybrida


Agave xylonacantha var hybrida is an attractive smaller growing Agave with deep green leaves which have a pale central band each leaf tipped with a sharp greyish orange spine. The form we grow is probably not known in the wild originating many years ago as a hybrid whilst in cultivation and being selected as an ornamental plant, it tends to sucker freely poducing clumps with leaves around 20-30cm long often twisting as they grow. The deep green and contrasting pale centre making them quiet striking and distant from most other Agaves we grow. The original parent plant Agave xylonacantha originates from Eastern Mexico where it enjoys hot sunny conditions, we have found this Agave is very easy to grow readily filling a container where it forms a clump eventually arching over the sides of the pot. It tolerates frost and occasional temprerature below freezing but must be absolutely dry in winter to prevent rot hence our recommendation you cultivate in a container and bring into a conservatory or cool glasshouse during the colder months.

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