Phyllostachys dulcis


Phyllostachys dulcis is one of my favourite timber or giant bamboo suitable for cultivation here in the U.K, growing strongly up to 8 or more metres high. I’ve grown Phyllostachys dulcis for over 20 years and never fail to be impressed by this bamboo, readily forming grove like clumps of deep green culms to 7cm or more in diameter. Even before dulcis matures the new culms are relatively thick often arching as they reach for the sky. Phyllostachys dulcis is also very hardy and easy to establish producing thick culms after just a few years.

Commonly grown in the Orient for its tasty sweet new shoots, Phyllostachys dulcis can be classed here as one of the giant timber bamboos and indeed could be one of the largest bamboo species available to British gardeners. At a previous property I had a Phyllostachys dulcis which had to be dug up when I moved, which incidently wasn’t too hard with a mini digger the roots only going down 40cm or so, the largest culm was measured at 12.8m! Good news if you like the idea of a giant bamboo as all the plants we sell are offsprings of this original plant.

Eventual Plant Size

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