Hedychium greenii

Ginger Lily


Eventual Plant Size


Hedychium greenii is a superb foliage plant, with maroon stems and undersides of the leaves, with the top of the leaf a dark glossy green. Hedychium greenii has a softer gently arching appearance than its spiky architectural relatives with large flowers that are a striking orange-red.

Hedychium greenii is quite hardy but requires a sheltered position in full sun to light shade if to flower. Give a mulch for the winter if planted outside, to aide frost protection for the rhizomes. It may be worth trying it in wet areas and possibly as a marginal pond plant during the growing season as it is reported to naturally grow in marshy areas.

In cold regions we recommend lifting the tubers in late autumn/early winter and dry storing the rhizomes in a frost free location. Alternately grow in a container and bring in during the colder months.

  • Position:Sun / part shade, out of cold, drying winds.
  • Soil:Most soils.
  • Eventual Size:1m.
  • Habit:Upright arching.
  • Foliage:Glossy green and maroon.
  • Common Names:Red ginger.


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