Musa velutina

Pink or Hairy Banana

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Musa velutina, the Pink or Hairy Bananas, is a very ornamental, easy to grow and produce fruit, banana plant producing the most beautiful vertically held pink banana, yes it’s true, no photoshop needed.

The exciting thing about Musa velutina is that the bananas are produced as young plants often no more than 1.20cm tall making them perfect for us exotic gardeners.  Originally from Assam through to the Eastern Himalayas, Musa velutina is not fully hardy but can easily be grown in a container either placed outside during the warmer months or in a conservatory or bright room year round.  What I really like about the Pink Banana, apart from the shocking colour of the readily produced bananas, is the fact that once ripe the bananas ‘peel’ themselves revealing soft, sweet tasting flesh.  Ok the bananas are rarely more than 8cm long and the flesh is full of seeds but who cares.

Musa velutina is a wonderful, easily managed small banana plant and great fun.

  • Easy to grow pink banana plant:

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  1. Steven Elmore (verified owner)

    Another great plant and fast delivery…thank you very much.

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