Canna ‘Stuttgart’



Canna ‘Stuttgart’ is one of my favourite large Canna varieties with fabulous white and green randomly variegated leaves held on stems with strong architectural upright growth. It is a vigorous fast growing variety reaching at least 1.50cm or more each year ultimately producing large sprays of delicate pinky orange flowers. Canna ‘Stuttgart’ is best grown in bright but not full sun positions as the plentiful white and cream in the leaves will scorch if they get too much direct sunlight.

Cannas can either be planted directly in the ground or grown as wonderful container plants. Classed as a hardy exotic plants cannas can be overwintered by protecting the rhizomatous roots from freezing. Once the frosts begin the above ground growth will be destroyed and should be cut back to around 30cm or so and the area around them mulched with a heavy layer of organic compost, I use well rotted horse manure to a depth of around 15cm. This mulch helps keep the crown and roots frost free and snug during the winter months and as the plants start to grow in spring slowly breaks down releasing valuble nutrients as it does so. If you prefer, container cultivation is easy to as the pots can easily be moved in winter to a frost free location such as a shed or garage to prevent the roots from freezing. As with most fast growing exotic herbaceous plants, regular feeding is essential for maximum growth and flowering.  We recommend planting in rich, fertile composts either in the ground or container.

Please note, from September to April plants will be shipped in their dormant stage in 2 litre pots with the stems cut back. 

Eventual Plant Size

Please note all images are for illustrative purposes only, depending on the season or time of year the plant you receive may be different than pictured.


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